do u think tamsin will live through season 5?

thats all I have to say about that. 

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rachel acting out valkyrie, chi-sucking, and wolf faces (x)

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do you think swan queen will ever be canon??? i love swan queen!!!!!

I really don’t know.
A big part of me thinks no :( sadly. But I only think no because of the writers and producers and the fact that the mainstream still isn’t very excepting of homosexual relationships on screen.
But that’s the only reason I think no. Besides that… every thing for an epic on screen relationship is right there on the show! 
I would probably pass out from happiness if they actually became canon. Lol

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think you’ve seen everything, and then you see you.

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do u think valkubus will be canon in season 5???

A big part of me thinks so! I mean Hopefully!
I honestly think it was hinted at multiple times in season 4 (it was kinda there, but then it wasn’t…if ya feel me) The valkubus kissing was definitely a plus though! Haha
But I really hope they get a legit relationship in season 5 (even if its just sexual lol) 
I’ve shipped them since their very first scene together. So my fingers are crossed for season 5 haha

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requested by anon

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how old are u

I feel like this is the most asked question on tumblr
Lol, I’m 20.

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wat is your favorite ship??

Well on Lost Girl…Valkubus! Definitely.
Overall…my favorite ship is probably Swan Queen :)

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requested by anon

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is2g do we just vaporize when comic con rolls around (x)

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Captured in between takes on #LostGirl by Paulo Barzman

Captured in between takes on #LostGirl by Paulo Barzman

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I don’t wanna close my eyes ♪

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hands porn

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@RachieSkarsten: Mustache 2.0 @Anna_Silk #LostGirl
@RachieSkarsten: Mustache 2.0 @Anna_Silk #LostGirl
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Rachel Skarsten & Anna Silk: Mustache’s 1.0 & 2.0

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